Weapons (Wiz)

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Battle Rune 
-Battle Rune
0     10     1        

Battle Rune2hit
Chili Stick Feathered StickChili Stick2fire
Feathered Stick Feathered StickFeathered Stick4hit
Blazing Crystal Blazing CrystalBlazing Crystal5fire
Magic Spoon Magic SpoonMagic Spoon7hit
Ice Crystal Ice CrystalIce Crystal8ice
Staff of Forgetting Staff of ForgettingStaff of Forgetting9soul
Spark Stick Spark StickSpark Stick10energy
Fire Rune Fire RuneFire Rune11fire
Magic Root Magic RootMagic Root12hit
Branding stamp Branding stampBranding stamp12hit fire
Ice Rune Ice RuneIce Rune14ice
Shuriken ShurikenShuriken15hit energy
Flogging Rune Flogging RuneFlogging Rune16hit
Soul Rune Soul RuneSoul Rune17soul
Fire Discus Fire DiscusFire Discus19fire
Energy Rune Energy RuneEnergy Rune20energy
Fan FanFan22ice
Brass Rod Brass RodBrass Rod23hit
Sacred Discus Sacred DiscusSacred Discus24soul
Shiver Rune Shiver RuneShiver Rune25ice
Rhythm Stick Rhythm StickRhythm Stick25hit
Lighting Rune Lighting RuneLighting Rune26energy
Sai SaiSai27hit
Fire Rod Fire RodFire Rod29fire
Freezer rune Freezer runeFreezer rune29ice
Soul Rod Soul RodSoul Rod32soul
Energy Discus Energy DiscusEnergy Discus33energy
Rune of Winter Rune of WinterRune of Winter35ice
Ember Rune Ember RuneEmber Rune37fire
Soul Discus Soul DiscusSoul Discus38soul
Ceremonial Rod Ceremonial RodCeremonial Rod39hit soul
Ice Discus Ice DiscusIce Discus41ice
Mad Mages Rod Mad Mages RodMad Mages Rod43ice
Splatterstick SplatterstickSplatterstick43fire
Tempest Rod Tempest RodTempest Rod45energy hit
Fire Bo Fire BoFire Bo48fire hit
Tide Evoker Tide EvokerTide Evoker50ice energy
Spirit Wand Spirit WandSpirit Wand55soul hit
Voodoo doll Voodoo dollVoodoo doll57hit soul
Lightbringer LightbringerLightbringer60energy fire soul
Gloves of Eternity Gloves of EternityGloves of Eternity70ice soul hit
Scepter of Fire Scepter of FireScepter of Fire75fire hit
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