-Journey's Beginning1 point
-Little Big Hero1 point
-Midlife Crisis2 points
-Child of the 80s3 points
-Centurion4 points
-True-Blue Hero5 points
-Really Big Fish6 points (?)

-Fight Club1 point
-Not a Chicken1 point
-They Fear You2 points
-King of the Ring3 points
-Merciless Dominator4 points
-Emperor of Pain5 points
-A Taste Of Death1 point
-Bucketkicker1 point
-Common Victim1 point
-A Close Call1 point
-Ancient Assassin1 point
-Brotherhood Brawler1 point

-A New Horizon1 point
-Commuter1 point
-Thousand and One2 points
-Ship's Kobold3 points
-Globetrotter4 points
-Million Miles-

-Get rid of it!1 point
-Rising Trader1 point (?)
-Experienced Haggler2 points
-Masterful Merchant3 points
-Jack of all Trades4 points
-Crazy Tycoon-
-Allowance Collector1 point
-Way to Wealth1 point
-Lucky Seven1 point
-Magic Million2 points
-Rags to Riches5 points

-Dune Jumper2 points
-Explorer Trainee1 point
-Golden Mapper3 points
-Hans in Luck4 points
-Ice Climber3 points
-Imperative Portality3 points
-Liberal Discoverer2 points
-Portable Treasure1 point
-Vine Swinger4 points
-Will-o'-Wisp4 points

-Hit Happens1 point
-Rough and Tough2 points
-With Full Force-
-Got Fire?1 point
-Sunday Barbecue2 points
-Lucifer's Daddy-
-Shock Therapy1 point
-High Voltage2 points
-Ride the Lightning-
-Ice to Meet You1 point
-Mister Freeze2 points
-A New Ice Age-
-Soul Mate1 point
-Soul Harvester2 points
-Dimension of Horrors-
-Multitalented5 points

-Bird Terror4 points
-Bug Squisher1 point
-Counting Sheeps1 point
-Crocodile Tears1 point
-Cycloporation3 points
-Ding Dong2 points
-Exorcist4 points
-Fight Fire with Fire7 points
-Ghostbuster2 points
-Green and Mean2 points
-Here Kitty Kitty!2 points
-Hornet Menace1 point
-Little Rascal1 point
-Master of the Shadows10 points
-Monkey Business4 points
-Rebel with a Cause1 point
-Sneaking Death5 points
-Vermin Exterminator3 points
-Will-o'-Whisperer5 points
-Wood Chopper4 points

-Play it Safe1 point
-Really Evil1 point
-Special EffectsRemoved

-A Strong Team1 point
-All for One1 point
-Centre of Attention1 point
-Mine All Mine1 point
-Survival Horror1 point
-VIP Pass1 or 5 points (?)
-You and Me1 point

-Insane Mole-
-Mirror Eater-


-Little Helper3 points
-Patient Listener1 point


-Magic Student1 point
-Oracle Debacle1 point
-Sandman1 point
-Sewer Rat1 point


-Herald of Darkness1 point
-Master of Labyrinths1 point
-The Zombie Slayer1 point
-Tomb Raider1 point


-Big Spender1 point
-Casual Conversations1 point
-Demonic Gardener1 points
-Eternal Friendship1 point
-I Shot the Sheriff1 point
-Lifter of Curses5 points
-One of the Three5 points
-Reunion in Happinesh1 point
-Sauna Lover1 point


-Bomberman1 point
-Chaka Chaka Boom5 points
-Going Nuts1 point
-Hero Impersonator3 points
-Intromittand1 point
-Nivalis Superstar1 point
-Scatterbrain1 point


-Free-Rider1 point
-Poisonous Matchmaker3 points
-Tale Fairy-
-Talented Trumpeter1 point


-Banunanator5 points
-King of the Jungle3 points
-Private Shore Owner1 point
-Stand-up Comedian1 point


-Black Belt (Achievement)1 point
-First Guard1 point
-Stress Reducer1 point
-Big Calmer1 point
-A Steady Stone2 points

Treasure Island

-Fisherman's Pal1 point
-Semi-Pirate2 points

Starrfish Island

-Finders Keepers3 points
-Heart of Gold3 points
-Pirrate Masterr1 point
-Visions of Soup1 point
-Wootaholic2 points
-X-Flavor1 point
-Wake Up Dead1 point

-Superwobbler1 point
-Improbawobbler1 point


-Almost Unfair1 point
-State of Goo1 point
-Arcane Intervention1 point
-Hieronymoshed5 points
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